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We manufacture high quality, low cost LED Flex signs for you business or home

LED Flex Signs for every Home and Business

@Jozi Vision Our Custom LED Flex Signs are the perfect touch of light for your home décor. Use it for your children or baby bedrooms, living room, man cave, office or as a wedding and party signs. They are cold, safe, silent, low voltage and don’t break as glass neons. We can duplicate almost any existing classic sign.


Cafe & Restaurants LED Flex

Add some colour to your business


Installation Video

So easy to install


Decoration LED Flex

Just add some colour


Event & Party Signs

Make that moment super special


LED Flex Multicolour

Brighten and lighten it up


Say it with LED Flex

Make it shine

Custom LED Flex Sign

Custom Fridge Wrap


We are one of the first in South Africa to specialize in LED Flex Signs for home and business use. We have quickly become one of the most loved and trusted suppliers of LED Flex Sings here in SA. Let us light up your home, event or workspace with high quality, handmade LED Flex Signs.

Take a business logo, song lyrics, your child’s name, or even the shape of your dog, & turn it into a stunning sign. We are helping to making art accessible with easy-to-design, stylish LED Flex Signs lights. Now there’s no excuse not to turn up the brightness!

Custom Designed

Each LED Flex sign or artwork is designed in-house by our professional Designers. We love transforming your creative ideas into truly unique custom made LED Flex signs. That are perfect for commercial or domestic use.

Guaranteed Quality

@Jozi Vision we are the market leaders in SA when it comes to LED Flex Signs. We guarantee that our signs will be of the best quality and we have a strict quality control check in place for each and every sign we ship.


Durable / Best Value

@Jozi Vision we offer the best value in the business. Latest LED Flex technology which is stronger & lighter than glass neon tubes. Not all of our custom LED Flex signs comes with a remote and dimmer.

Creative Innovation

@Jozi Vision we are constantly expanding our collections. Dreaming up new ideas and trying to apply our LED Flex signs to as many applications as possible. Watch this space, we are going to light up your Business & the World.

Energy & Cost Efficient

When used correctly, our signs can operate for a total of 30 000 hours. They are super efficient and won’t break the bank when your electricity bill arrives each month.

Easy To Install

Our high quality backboards feature pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting & hanging, as well as a pack of screws. Whether you are wanting to suspend it, attach it, lean it or fix it to a wall. Our signs are versatile and always easy to install.

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Are you looking to add a splash of color to your office walls? Look no further. We can create a custom LED Flex sign for any type of business. The sky’s the limit on what you can produce. We can make a custom sign of your company logo, your corporate tagline, recreate your product in LED, or a motivational quote to hang in your meeting room. Need some more inspiration to spruce up your office? We’ve got some ideas you might like.



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Custom LED Flex Signs

Custom LED Flex Signs

There’s no denying that sticking with outdated signage can cause quite a headache. From high-energy bills to difficult installation, repair and disassembling. Old signage has become more of a hassle than it is worth. LED Flex Signs can offer you modern technology that surpasses other lighting solutions in several ways. LED Flex is easy to install, low maintenance, and energy efficient.

Difference Between LED & Neon Signage

Difference Between LED & Neon Signage

Why LED Flex Signs Have a Brighter Future Than Traditional Neon Lights LED Flex signs are gaining in popularity for businesses wanting their brand creatively catching eyes over traditional neon signs. Find out why companies are moving to LED lighting and how it’s a...

LED Flex Signs for Your Business

LED Flex Signs for Your Business

Why LED Flex Signs is Changing the Commercial Sign Industry
The business sign landscape is changing, thanks to the extremely efficient and eco-friendly LED Flex signs that are pushing traditional signs out the door.

In addition to high visibility and impact, LED lighting products. Have a bevy of benefits that are helping them transform the commercial sign industry.

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